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Wave of Prayer 2018 – Thy Kingdom Come

The notes below are provided for reference from Wave of Prayer 2018.

You are invited to attend one of our Wave of Prayer sessions 2018. This is a national week of prayer entitled “Thy Kingdom Come”.

The aim of these sessions is:

  • To join in prayer with the whole family of God the Father
  • To pray for the empowering of God the Holy Spirit
  • That we may be effective witnesses to God the Son, Jesus Christ

Through prayer we show our faith and trust in God, and grow deeper into relationship with him as we experience his transformative power in our lives.

As part of “Thy Kingdom Come Week” we are encouraging our community to pray the Lord’s Prayer daily throughout the week.

Church was open on Thursday 10 May 2018 and Saturday 12 May 2018 for informal prayer.


Wave of Prayer 2017

The notes below are provided for reference from Wave of Prayer 2017.

You might find it helpful to start with this prayer:

“Father God help us to approach this time with confidence, knowing that you always want what is best for us and all those we love. Help us to become aware of the ways you have met us and supported us, down through the years, shaping our lives. May your  Holy Spirit reveal to us the depth and breadth of your Love for us and the ways in which we can be bearers of that Love to others”.

The Lord’s Prayer Stations

On each window there is a visual aid to each phrase of the prayer. There are suggestions on what to pray and how.

Light a candle

Sometimes words are hard to find. Lighting a candle as a symbol of your prayer may help you.

Prayer Colouring Sheets

As you colour in the card or sheet, think about your family and friends and pray for them. Let each section represent blessings in your life. You will be surprised how quickly your picture grows.

Individual Prayer

On the chancel steps there are candles. Sit quietly for a while concentrating on God’s blessings. If you would prefer to have someone pray with or for you, please tell whoever is on the tea counter, who will know who is available to help you.

Children’s Activity – Waiving hands

Make a copy of your hand print on the funky foam pieces. Put the initial of you family and friends on the fingers. Attach it to our Prayer Wreath and ask God to bless them.

The 5 Finger Prayer

My thumb is closest to my heart; so pray first for those who are closest to you.

The second finger is used for pointing; pray for those who point you toward the truth, like your teachers, minister and those who inspire you.

The third finger is the tallest; let it stand for the leaders, both in government and in your church.

The fourth finger is for the weakest; let it stand for those in trouble, pain, injured or weak.

The little finger is the smallest; let it stand for those who are unnoticed, poor, abused or deprived.

And don’t forget to pray for yourself.